Tutorial and Help for MEPHAS

We hope this document can help users get familiar with MEPHAS and understand how to use MEPHAS. Additionally, we also provide some links which could help users learn more statistics.

We expected MEPHAS to help researchers who have already got the data or known the objectives (even unclear) to conduct statistics. MEPHAS could also help students to practice statistical methods, in the statistical lectures However, for those who do not understand basic statistics, it is hard to start MEPAHS.


Interface layout

This is the general layout of each interface in MEPHAS.

  • Area 1 consists of different tabs (methods), stop button, and link button.

  • Area 2 gives the general introduction about the functions or methods. The button controls whether or not to show the introduction.

  • Area 3 in the left is used to input data and parameters. Users can follow the steps to input necessary information.

  • Area 4 in the right is used to output results.


1. Input widgets

This part will introduce the tools and options for input.

2. Output features

This part will introduce the features in outputs.

3. Statistics references

This part will give some supplementary links and knowledge about the statistical methods.

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